3D printing using OctoPrint on Linux Ubuntu desktop

  • I'm trying to set up OctoPrint on my Linux Ubuntu 16.04 desktop to work with my Micro3D printer. The printer works fine on Mac and Windows:
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    I've installed OctoPrint with the M3D Fio Plugin Manager. I can see the files in ~/.octoprint/ fine and I can even turn the printer fan on/off, move the extruder, etc. through OctoPrint:
    enter image description here

    But when I press the blue "Print button", there is no response. Also the files in the "upload" section are greyed out. Must I download a slicing program or something? I'm new with 3D printing in general but not with Linux. Grateful for help!

  • khaverim

    khaverim Correct answer

    6 years ago

    I just discovered that OctoPrint only reads .gcode files for printing (apparently, unless you have a slicing software embedded in it), so I installed Slic3r separately, and ran

    ./slic3r mystlfile.stl

    to generate a .gcode file (in the executable directory).

    Then I uploaded the .gcode file to OctoPrint and things got moving.

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