How to open .max files

  • I'm new to this forum. I need help opening a .max file a friend sent me. The thing is, I dont have Alias Maya. Well, Alias Maya that works anyway.

    Is there any other file openers that I can use? Or do I have to get Maya to open the file? I dont want to get download 1.3 Gb and discover that there is 15mb file opener. ;-)

    Is there a file converter maybe? That converts .max to, maybe .obj?

    Many thanks

    I believe the best tool for such conversion is 3DMax itself. I also tried google which returned me some worth-to-check results.

    Would alias not cut it?

    Would you please explain what you mean.

    Would alias maya open the file?

    If you want to use it for 3d printing then I suggest you to ask your friend to export it to STL format.

    Worth a shot :-D

    .3ds is not .max Try converting online

    Hi PEdro, and welcome to SE 3D Printing! Whilst your answer may be technically correct, it *is* lacking detail, and, as such, it has been recommended for deletion, unfortunately. If you could expand it then you may get a more positive response. I would recommend that in addition to reading some highly voted answers to gauge the standard expected, that you take a look at the help section relating to answering questions, in particular [answer], and take the [tour] for more information on how stack exchange works. Thanks :-)

  • You could try import it with blender. It's a free software which should be able to import the files.

    First thing is to go the the File->User Preferences->Add Ons tab. In the Import-Export section, enable the 3DS Add-on.

    After that you can export it to the desired format. Before exporting you must select the model/mesh you want to export. Otherwise nothing will be exported. The obj exporter is enabled by default in blender.

    So I must export the file in Maya first?

    Or import in Blender?

    Blender should be able to import the .max file directly after activating the shipped 3DS Add-on ;)

    Ah. I see. How big is blender?

    Blender is about 100 megabytes at the moment. So not to big in my oppionion

    Oh woah. I was expecting it to be atleast 1gb. This is the whole file right?

    Jep. In the 100 mb download is everything you need. Just don't forget to activate the 3DS Add-on. I use blender a lot in my 3d printing projects...

    Oh great stuff. Thank you for the insight. I will try it and let you know.

    Tell me something. Is a .max file the same as a .3ds file?

    These are two different file formats from the same company (Autodesk). But blender should be able to import both

    I installed blender, and went to add ons, and saw the .3ds file plugin was already on. I then looked for my file and didnt see it. Any suggestions?

    Is there another plugin?

    Have you had any luck importing .max files in blender?

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