Thread pitch of Ender 3 bed leveling screws

  • What is the thread pitch of the Ender 3's bed leveling screws? The diameter measures about 4mm. Are they M4 0.7 (coarse) pitch or 0.5 (fine) pitch? I'd like to develop rigorous formulas for the amount to turn the knobs by after measuring (or visually inspecting, since I can see an accurate 0.2 mm first layer decently well) leveling-test patterns in the corners rather than using a closed-loop tune-and-retry approach.

    Ideas for measuring this are nice, but I wonder if there's a spec on it available somewhere..

    Incidentally, it's easier to see the arrows on the knobs if you fill them in with paint, e.g. use a white paint pen and wipe off any excess immediately.

  • I measured mine with a thread gauge and it says the pitch is 0.7 mm.

    So, as the stock adjustment wheels have 14 bumps around their circumference, turning by one of those is an adjustment of exactly 0.05 mm (assuming no backlash).

    I can't speak for anyone else's, but due to the availability of replacement height adjustment wheels which don't specify alternative thread pitches, I guess that's the only one in use. I encourage you to verify my finding before relying on it.

    An additional piece of information: the stock adjustment wheels have 14 large sinusoidal bump crests around their circumference, so turning by one of these is an adjustment of exactly 0.05 mm.

    @R..GitHubSTOPHELPINGICE Thanks, I added that to my answer in case someone else finds it useful.

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