Hatch Distance and Scan Distance

  • I am going through some of the basics about one of the 3D printing techniques - Selective Laser Sintering, and I am confused between the above mentioned parameters - scan distance and hatch distance. Are they the same ?

    How do we calculate the value - the overlapped area of two parallel scan lines in linear scanning technique. There must be some area of overlapping for the selective laser sintering to work.

    Any idea ?

  • Scan spacing

    Within each of the ‘islands’, simple alternating scan vectors are used with the spacing between these vectors defined as the ‘scan spacing’ and the speed with which the laser spot moves across the surface defined as the ‘scan speed’.

    enter image description here


    Hatch distance

    The stripe pattern is a band defined by the scan vector width (ie stripe width), the hatching space between adjacent tracks and the scan direction as well as the overlap with the neighbouring stripes

    enter image description here
    enter image description here



    • The computer controlled laser scans the surface of the bed to selectively melt the current two-dimensional slice of the CAD file.

    • The laser scanning remelts some of the previously built layer to ensure good bonding between layers and a fully dense component overall.

    • Cool printing image
      enter image description here

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