Ender 5 Pro print quality issue

  • I got my 3D printer from Creality 1 day ago. My dog off the SD card came perfectly, Benchy was also printed almost flawlessly. I used standard Benchy settings on all my prints.

    Now I tried making a mask and it failed mid-print. When I saw it failing I stopped the print.

    What do you guys think is the cause of this?

    I printed with the following settings:

    • Resolution: 0.20 mm

    • Infill: 20 %

    • 3 walls with a line width of 0.4 mm each

    • 50 mm/s first time i printed it and 40 mm/s second time.

    • Combing OFF

    • Retraction enabled

    • Retraction distance:6 mm

    • 25 mm/s all retraction speeds

    • retraction extra prime amount 0

    • retraction minimum travel 1.5

    • maximum retraction count 100



    Edit: I printed the mask again. this time I changed Z Seam alignment in Cura from user specified to random. It improved it a bit but it was not a successful print.
    second mask

    What material and temperature are you using? Have you changed materials at all?

    No, I didn't change any materials. I use PLA 50C bed and 200C hot end

    What about trying to print another benchy? That way we can see if it's an issue with the printer.

    i will do it tomorrow. Anyway, this mask was printed right after the benchy. The only problem on the benchy is like a line on the left side and some ghosting. I'll post a picture soon.

    What speed? Looks like printing too fast for the hotend to keep up.

    Also, what retraction & combing settings?

    I updated the post with the settings. Last print was made using 40mm/s speed.

    Is the filament entangled at some point?

    no. filament seems alright. I am using the filament that came in the box with the printer.

    Did you try to reduce the 6 mm of retraction down to 3 mm?

    @Wolfram: 3 mm retraction is not sufficient for a bowden, and there's no good reason the standard appropriate amount of retraction for this machine should cause the problem the OP is seeing.

    Not sure if OP is still around, but if so: do you perhaps have coasting enabled? It's a Cura antifeature that could lead to this.

  • I was told to not even bother using the white filament which came with the Ender 5 as it was very low quality. I used an orange filament from Hatchbox and, once I have learned to adjust my settings (I found it works better at 210-215 °C), it seems to be great.

    Yeah, the white filament that came with my Ender 3 pro was of questionable quality, though I was eventually able to use it after some experimentation. I've had much easier success with every other filament since. It's weird that they wouldn't just include a mini roll of their quality PLA with their printers, it would be a great help to people who are new to printing

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