How to print metal-like parts?

  • I would like to print parts (e.g. jewellery) for use which I don't want to look or feel like a plastic, but metal-like, so briefly people won't see much difference.

    Are there any specific type of home-printers that can achieve that? Or it's rather kind of filament that you should use?

    couldn't a good metallic paint do this on any material? The weight won't be the same, but it'll have the glossy look and cold temperature I suspect you're going for.

    Adding to my answer, the best option is still probably lost PLA or ABS casting and polishing with a jewelers drill with the proper tips. Same thing what real jewelers use, except they use $10K+ Solidscape printers which print in wax and use lost wax casting instead.

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    6 years ago

    If you'd like to print on RepRap like FDM printers, you cannot print from metal, but you can use some filament that tries to look like metal. I have good experience with Bronzefill, but there are plenty of others, just Google for metal filament 3d printing. Note that sometimes the parts need to be post-processed with a rock tumbler. There are several open source DIY tumblers you can build and use.

    If you actually want to print from metal, you would need SLS (Selective laser sintering) printer, which is much more expensive.

    If you do choose to use an FDM printer and a blended filament, I'd also make sure you purchase a stronger nozzle (such as a hardened steel nozzle). This reduces wear & tear on the nozzle, as blended filaments (such as metal fills, wood PLA, glow in the dark) contain particulates that can be abrasive against brass nozzles.

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