How can I calculate volumetric speed for Slic3r auto speed?

  • I have noticed that Slic3r offers a speed setting called "auto speed" meant to give a constant filament pressure at the extruder, which I believe could eliminate filament grinding issues at higher printing speeds.

    According to the tooltip in Slic3r, auto speed is calculated from two parameters:

    • Maximum speed

    • Maximum volumetric speed

    Maximum speed speaks for itself, but how can I calculate the maximum volumetric speed of my print?

  • Auto speed is calculated from maximum volumetric speed in mm3 per second. If you normally print at 80 mm/s, your extrusion width is 0.5 mm and you are printing 0.2mm high layers, your volumetric speed would be 80 * 0.5 * 0.2 = 8 mm3/s, which is the volume of plastic extruded by your printer every second when printing at that speed (not accounting for any die swell).

    You are right about the terms: I have updated the post to reflect this. I also found a blog post discussing the math in context of extrusion width, for those interested:

    Technically not an answer... he asked for the maximum one, you gave him how to calculate the "usual one" he already tested.

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