Laybrick - Gaps on top layer

  • I'm trying to print with Laybrick and for the most part it is going. The problem lies with the top layer and gaps appearing. I've tried increasing the number of top layers but the gaps still appear. Any ideas what else I can try?

    I'm using Simplify3d.

    Did you try raising the temperature? I would have done that second after increasing number of top layers.

    Raising the temperature leads to a different texture which I don't want.

  • easycheese

    easycheese Correct answer

    6 years ago

    The solution was a combination of several items. The primary one was slowing down the top layer of the print significantly. I was using 3200 mm/min for the print and used the option 'solid fill underspeed' to slow down the top layers to 40%. I increased the top layers to 7. I also increased the infill, to ensure there was support in the tiny top pieces. I also decreased the minimum infill length to 0 to ensure the infill went in tiny places. Finally, I used the 'Concentric' external fill pattern.

    At some rotations of the model, I had slight gaps in the corners of the model, increasing the number of outline layers fixed it.

    I also decreased the temp to 160 compared to the initial print above.

    Castle piece

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