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  • I had a problem with my Z limit switch bracket falling just short of the bottom edge of the z stage.

    I'm trying to make the bracket thicker so it's pushed more towards the left.

    1) how do I measure the thickness of the bracket in the stl
    2) HOw would I make it thicker if it is indeed too thin

    enter image description here

    It's might to be mounted standing up right.

    I want to make it thicker x axis (if it's stood up)

  • If you have the original CAD file this would be far easier to modify and maintain then an STL.

    MeshLab also has the capability to measure the view on the screen as well as bounding box measurements. Bounding box measurements should be possible in any pre-processor you use for slicing STL files though.

    MeshLab can also be used to scale, merge or translate your STL if desired. however I would also recommend mesh mixer as it is more user-friendly.

    The last option if you have any coding experience, an STL file can be easily read and then you could select the desired vertices and measure/move them and then rewrite out the STL file. There are libraries for most major coding languages for dealing with STL files.

    Oh really. If I can't edit it normally then I will resort to tinkering in c# .net. I'm a programmer by trade. Albeit not very experienced one but I will give it a go if I have to.

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