How to offset my probe so it's not hanging off the bed at 0, 0 position when printing

  • I had my printer printing fine when using the stock trigger switch as I used it to print the green bracket you see in the picture.

    Photo of probe atached to hotend

    My problem now is when I do a print with the sensor, it moves to 0,0 position. However in this position the sensor is hanging off the bed hence there is nothing for it detect so it crashes into the bed.

    As far as I can tell the nozzle is homing in the right place.

    How do I tell Marlin the new minimum position it needs to be in so it doesn't crash into the bed?

    It does not matter if the probe is not above the bed during printing as long it is above the bed during auto leveling. This can be done by proper settings in your firmware configuration, no hardware changes are necessary.

  • Mikhail Z

    Mikhail Z Correct answer

    6 years ago

    There are at least 2 options to address the problem that you have:

    1. Adjust end-stops so that in 0,0 position Z-sensor would still hang above the printing table. This would reduce printing surface but allow perfect calibration

    2. Mount extra metal plate at the table mount where it would not bump into printer parts and remain reachable for the sensor (perhaps with sensor relocation) when positioned at 0,0. This option requires extra space within table movement boundaries but saves printing surface.

    These solutions are totally unnecessary as it is easily fixed in the firmware. Only during levelling the probe needs to be above the bed, it is perfectly fine to have the sensor off the bed during printing.

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