Lines of PLA not sticking to the bed

  • When I am printing objects that have a lot of surface area on the first layer parts of that layer will rise up causing there to be gaps in the first layer. Here are two pictures. The first one was printing with a raft and the second one was without a raft.RaftNo Raft I am printing on 3M Painters tape, extruder temperature at 200, bed temperature at 60. I am using Hatchbox PLA Filiment.

    I am able to get the print to stick onto the bed but it peals up during the infill. The rafts will print perfect, but the middle of the first layer is the problem

    Still, it looks like you are simply too far from the bed - albeit slightly closer than in the potential duplicate question.

    Too high a print speed for the infill.

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    6 years ago

    You got a few things happening. First that temp seems low. I am printing PLA at 215.. but there are a lot of factors. Start with a simple calibration thin wall test. Which is just a wall, no body.

    From there your bed could be closer. Maybe. I don't think that's really the issue. Slower speed and heat will make more of a difference. That said. I take a piece of paper and calibrate it so there just a little, but not too much, friction.

    Make sure you are printing at 30% speed for first layer.

    Last use a glue stick.

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