TronXY Windows 10 driver

  • I am about to purchase a TronXY X3 or P802; but, my PC is running Windows 10.

    The spec sheet for the printers does not list anything above Windows 7.
    Is anyone using either of these printers with Windows 10?

    This might be a better question to ask their tech support.

    @Diesel TronXY is one of those chinese manufacturers, where you have better luck asking *GearBest* to send you replacement parts or refund than trying to get anyone from them on the line.

  • Since the printer supports using an SD card, you don't need to connect it directly to a PC. Serial over USB has been broken in the past in various Win10 builds, I've not tried it recently and I've not tried connecting my A8 to my PC recently either.

    If you need to use USB, and can't make it work with Windows, there is always the option of using a Raspberry Pi single-board computer (which you can then connect to by VNC from your PC). Depending on the software you want to use, this might resolve any remaining issues you have.

    What process/controller does the printer use? I have heard printer uses an Arduino as a controller. Is that correct?

    I now have the printer (X3) and it has a Melzi board and runs Repetier. As you say I just use the SD card. The printer is not close to my PC and my boys use it as well (they have their own PC); so, connecting a PC to it using USB probably will never make sense. The SD card is the most practical thing at this point. Making it network accessible using a Raspberry Pi sounds like a good next step.

    @markshancock connecting to a *TonXY X1* via "seraial over USB" worked fine in May and June 2018, the feature does however wobble as windows revisions change. To connect via USB allows to tune in the printer easier.

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