Sharing a printer over a network

  • I have a Tronxy X3 (i3 Clone) running Repetier firmware on a Melzi board.

    I would like to share the printer over my home network so that:

    1. Both my boys and I can use the printer. (We have separate Windows 10 PCs)

    2. I can initiate a print from my computer upstairs

    3. I can monitor the print progress remotely

    I have (and could use)

    • A RAMPS board set that I could use to run Marlin.

    • A Raspberrry Pi 1B

    • An idle laptop I (might) be willing to use

    What I want to know:

    • Are you sharing your printer on a network, and if so, how long

    • What Hardware and Software are you using

    • What do you like most

    • What do you find most annoying

    • What do you want to change

    • What is the interface (web interface, print driver, etc.)

    • What services are provided (printing, slicing, monitoring, etc.)

    • Can two computers access it at the same time
      Ex: To monitor, or still print if my sons forgot to disconnect

    • What sort of monitoring is supported? Ex: camera?

    • What runs the print job (G-code)

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    @0scar I will go ahead and accept the first as they are all similar and do answer the question; but, for me, the solutions were not enough of a benefit to implement.

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  • Greenonline

    Greenonline Correct answer

    5 years ago

    NOTE: This is not from personal experience, but I thought it was worth mentioning:


    You've probably seen this already - I am not a fan at all of M$, but... Microsoft Plus Raspberry Pi Equals Network 3D Printer.

    Here is another link to the same, Network 3D Printer with Windows 10 IoT Core, but, unfortunately, your printer is apparently not supported.


    However, closed source M$ seem to be playing catch up, whilst the Open Source OctoPi has been about for a while, indeed there have been a few questions on SE 3D Printing about it. From the blurb:

    OctoPi is a Raspberry Pi distribution for 3d printers. Out of the box it includes:

    • the OctoPrint host software including all its dependencies and preconfigured with webcam and slicing support,

    • mjpg-streamer for live viewing of prints and timelapse video creation with support for USB webcams and the Raspberry Pi camera and

    • CuraEngine 15.04 for direct slicing on your Raspberry Pi.

    See How to Install and Set Up Octopi for Remote Raspberry Pi 3D Printer Control with Octoprint.

    A few of its features:

    As an aside, you could put Pronterface on the Pi too: How to Install Pronterface on Raspberry Pi - Instructables. I wasn't aware of this.

    OctoPi works well. Network access out of the box was tricky for me (channel13). I also have it send me PushBullet notifications of print progress (which might be handy for sharing). I'm single user, but it does things like let you upload g-code from a PC, and then action a print later (using any browser).

    I have heard comments that it is not as reliable as printing on a file on SD Card (application sometimes locks up). Having developed a lot of long running apps, I am aware that this is an inherent risk of running an application under an OS rather than on an embedded uC.

    Thanks for the M$ link. I looked it up and M$ has an SDK, I am going to look into creating a generic Repetier and/or Marlin driver.

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