Does wood filament damage the printer nozzle?

  • I recently found out carbon fiber and glow in the dark PLA can damage the printer nozzle, now I'm suspicious of all the "exotic" filaments.

    So, does wood filament cause damage to the nozzle? (under normal use, or at least what someone who only used PLA/ABS before would consider normal use)

    Let's assume a normal quality brass nozzle - not some cheap stuff that didn't even came in the correct size to begin with and not some premium reinforeced nozzle - and reasonable quality filament.

  • Alex

    Alex Correct answer

    7 years ago

    EDIT: It seems many haven't shared my same experience and have their own input and proof, please view others answers below! For the record I've been using Hatchbox Wood PLA

    Original Answer:
    Wood filament has the same effect on the nozzle as PLA, so, no, it shouldn't. It's just some wood shavings mixed with PLA, after all.

    Materials like Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel are abrasive and will wear down a brass nozzle. You would want a hardened steel nozzle in that case.

    This answer is wrong, and also based on hypothesis, not experience.

    Wood filled filament often is regarded as abrasive for brass nozzles. This answer is wrong.

    @Routhinator and FarO Thanks for your comments. Just fyi, it's been 5 years since I wrote that comment. So 5 years of continuing to use wood filament. My same stock brass nozzle on my i3 mk2 is still doing great, even with long wood prints. is based on experience, but not your same experience :) I'm sure different filaments and different nozzles cause much variation though, so it's definitely worth being mindful in all cases.

    @Alex Maybe you could add which wood filament you're using, in case other people want to try what you've found to be a non-abrasive variety.

    this is highly dependant on which filament you use - a very low wood filler is much less abrasive than high wood content.

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