How do I get a replacement PTFE tube to fit inside my nozzle?

  • I have been getting clogs and believe that it may be due to a damaged PTFE tube inside my hot end. I have a replacement (it came with my printer), but I can't seem to fit the tube into the nozzle.

    I also tried to turn the original PTFE tube around, and I can't get the other end to fit into the nozzle either.

    Is there a trick to it?

    pictures would be helpful.

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  • Gdalya

    Gdalya Correct answer

    5 years ago

    In the end, I was able to get the tube in the nozzle.

    It took a lot of patience, and it seems to help if the nozzle is warm as well.

    If the nozzle (or throat) is warm, then it will have expanded, thus making it easier, in the same way if one warms a pickle jar lid, it will come off much easier.

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