Convert an STL model to a two-extruder model

  • I have an STL file from thingiverse. The model is of a rectangular lid with an engraving. I would like to print it using two different colors, so that the engraving would be in a different color than the lid base. In the model description, the creator explained that he simply switched the material mid printing.

    However, I have a two-extruder printer, and I'd like to utilize it for this printing. What's the easiest way (tool) to select a part of the model and define that it should be printed using a different color?

    What slicer are you using?

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    5 years ago

    After a bit tinkering, I finally managed to split the model to two STL files, then used Cura to print them each in its own color. I decided to post here the steps I followed, as simply as I could, hoping that it would help other beginners.

    The procedure was quite simple, even though it took a while for me to figure it out:

    Following the advice of this video, I used MeshMixer to edit the STL file I downloaded from thingiverse. I:

    1. Selected the areas I wanted to separate using the select tool (I had to change the tool "radius" so that it won't keep selecting unwanted faces of the model).

    2. In the same tool, I used the "Separate" command to create two objects from the one I had before. This showed the "object explorer" window.

    3. I clicked each of the parts in the object explorer window and exported them separately to STL files.

    Then, using Cura, I followed this site, and performed the following:

    1. Loaded both models to Cura (order doesn't matter).

    2. Picked Print Core 1 for the first part and Core 2 for the second part.

    3. Selected both models (using the Shift key), then right-clicked and chose "Merge Models"

    4. Profit!

    How did you learn that Meshmixer would accomplish your objective?

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