Creality 3D Ender-4, a "extruder kit" does not fit the frame

  • This is my first time building a 3D printer (a "Creality Ender-4").

    Everything is going fine except the "extruder kit" part that does not have enough space to attach on the frame. Should I drill it to have a longer hole so it can be attached to the frame? I just want another set of eyes to look at it to make sure I'm not crazy.

    Extruder - image#1

    Extruder - image#2
    Extruder - image#3

    It looks like the body of the stepper motor may not be quite square. Would you be able to install it rotated 90 degrees and get the clearance you need?

    I submitted an edit that fixes the images

    Try loosening all the screws that hold the motor/filament feeder to the bracket. There may be enough slop to skooch it over a bit and get it to fit.

  • Tenos

    Tenos Correct answer

    5 years ago

    Dude, you're absolutely not crazy, I almost put the entire thing back in the box when I realized I'd have to void the warranty just to finish putting together my printer but I wound up boring out the holes a bit closer to the edges of the extruder and assembling it all the same, it works wonderfully now that I have it attached.

    Yep, I ended up drilling the holes, and I've been printing successfully since then.

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