Which choices do we have on Daylight Resins?

  • I'm planning to make an LCD Resin printer. I'm still learning and I found out that I need daylight resin (which hardens when white light comes from the LCD).

    If I search for "Daylight resin" on Google, the only "useful" result I find is for Photocentric.

    Photocentric Resin

    Photocentric sells Daylight resins and the prices seem to be good too; however, I'm trying to search for alternatives. I'm not interested in something cheaper, I'd like to choose a resin which has more colors. Photocentric's hard resin only comes in cream/green/gray colors. I would need at least white/black/transparent resin.

    Is it the only option we have? Are there any other manufacturer out there which produces Daylight resin/LCD-hardening resin with a variety of colors?

  • It looks like Ono may fit what you are looking for.
    They have several colors listed on their site.

    Red enter image description here Blueenter image description here

    Yellowenter image description here Blackenter image description here

    Clearenter image description here Creamy White enter image description here

    They also have a flexible resin and a low temperature "casting" resin.

    It is unclear if the resin is available now or if it is preorder.

    It is on preorder. that would be a good alternative, do you know if it's the only option we have? Also, "Clear" is not that clear... It's more like translucent yellow. This is clear to me

    @BackSlash I think the observation that the "whitest" and "clearest" resins they make have a yellow tint indicates their base resin has a yellow tint. Looking more carefully at the "red" and "blue" I can see it there are well as the the "red" has a bit of orange to it and the "blue" has a bit of aquamarine to it.

    @BackSlash, I don't use this technology, I just did a search. I haven't seen any other options. I believe that this technology is presently in its infancy; so, there aren't that many options. There also be other issues limiting this (such as Patents)

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