3d printer not printing circles correctly

  • I am having issue with my new printer it is not printing circles correctly although I have change firmware and stepping of motor
    advise if anyone know the solution.
    enter image description here

    Can you give a little more information? like # of steps per motor, a photo of your printer, etc.

    X axis pulley is 20 teeth with the calculation it's 80 step y axis is 16 teeth pulley so it's 100 step

  • Mikhail Z

    Mikhail Z Correct answer

    5 years ago

    Possible causes for the printer not printing correct dimensions:

    • Incorrect number of steps/mm in firmware settings

    • Belts are not tight enough

    • Pulley slips on the shaft

    Looking at the picture, I would go for the first case, because distortion looks regular. Try checking microstep settings on your board, and settings in the firmware.

    yes did it with first case although against the calculation which I did. changing microstepping work out

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