On which board can 32 bit Marlin run?

  • Does anyone know on which board that can be bought today is possible to run current Marlin x32 ?

    Have a look at the platformio.ini file - it's got the list of compatible boards/processors

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    There is none at this time. you can use repetier or some other firmware. there is a marlin for due but the code base is a mess.

    Tnx @EricKelly probably I will get Duet WiFi

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  • The platformio.ini file, given in Zac's comment, does not seem to list all of the boards supported.

    However, The Marlin 2.0 32-bit thread appears to have a table that is much more complete (at the time of writing):

    Board                           MCU         State            To-Do
    RAMPS, etc. Arduino AVR good
    Due, RAMPS FD (v2.A!), etc. SAM3X8E good
    Archim 1.0 SAM3X8E ❓unknown Only US$170!
    Archim 2.0 SAM3X8E beta needs confirmation
    MKS-SBASE LPC1768 beta NEOPIXEL_LED,M100,Tones, etc.
    Smoothieboard LPC1769 beta NEOPIXEL_LED,M100,Tones, etc.
    Azteeg X5 GT LPC1769 beta NEOPIXEL_LED,M100,Tones, etc.
    Cohesion3D Remix LPC1769 beta NEOPIXEL_LED,M100,Tones, etc.
    Selena Compact LPC1768 beta NEOPIXEL_LED,M100,Tones, etc.
    Malyan M200 STM32F103C8 beta EMERGENCY_PARSER,NEOPIXEL_LED, etc.
    Chitu3D V3.9 STM32F103ZET6 alpha EMERGENCY_PARSER,NEOPIXEL_LED, LCD, SDCard, MAX6675, etc.
    Teensy 3.5 MK64FX alpha (need shields)
    Teensy 3.6 MK66FX alpha (need shields)
    STEVAL-3DP001V1 STM32F401VE alpha (need boards)

    From [Question] Most promising 32 Bit Platform for Marlin 2.x

    The reference platform IS Re-Arm with a RAMPS shield. You can find instructions for both obtaining it and getting setup with it at #7076

    It appears the you have to use the bugfix branch:

    Right now, there are two branches. Bugfix-v1.1.x and Bugfix-v2.0.0. They are almost identical from a feature set perspective. But Bugfix-v2.0.0 is modified to have a hierarchical file layout. That was needed to clean up the code and to support 32-bit.

    The AVR code is fully debugged and working in both branches. The 32-bit code only exists (and works) in the Bugfix-v2.0.0 branch. And while the code does work... And some people are using it to print, it isn't entirely painless to get to that point.

    You may also want to read Recommendations for a good 32 bit microprocessor to run Marlin. To list a few examples:

    • Atmel ATSAM3x8e on the Due board

    • Anyhow, there are a lot of 32bit Controller. Take a look at mbed.org for example.
      You can use the arm-none-eabi-xxx for STM32, LPC, also the Arduino Due use it

    • Duet board (now called DuetWifi) is available for pre-order. It has a 120MHz Cortex M4 with hardware FPU

    • AZSMZ ARM 32bit controller board

    • RedBear: https://redbearlab.github.io/arduino/package_redbear_index.json

      • RedBear Duo (Cortex-M3, WiFi + BLE)

      • RedBear discussion forum

    • Konekt Dash/DashPro (Official): http://downloads.konekt.io/arduino/package_konekt_index.json

      • Cortex M4-based global cellular dev kits, support for all board variants, support for USB and over-the-air programming straight from within Arduino IDE

    Another link that might be useful is Unofficial list of 3rd party boards support urls, although not all of these are 32 bit.

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