Could nail polish damage pure PLA?

  • I would like to use nail polish to paint and smooth a PLA model. Could nail polish damage a model made out of pure PLA?

    Why not just print a test cube and see what happens?

  • NO if you want to smooth your print, gently heat the plastic and with a utensil smooth out the plastic. A hair dryer is a good way of doing this but be careful to only lightly melt the outside of the model.

    I'm not sure this fully answers the question. You're offering a good alternative suggestion to using nail polish, but it still doesn't tell us whether "nail polish will damage pure PLA". Does it?

    @TomvanderZanden - No. It'll discolor colored PLA, but it should have no effect on "natural" PLA.

    @William-Rem - You should add that as an answer (and maybe expand upon it a little - if possible)

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