Temperature problems after switching to RAMPS 1.4

  • I recently switched to a RAMPS 1.4 on an Arduino Mega 2560.
    Ever since I have extruder temperature swings a couple of minutes into the print, but it looks like a problem reading the temp rather than actual fluctuations in the temperature (as can be seen in the attached pic).
    Also, I've noticed that the MOSFET is getting really hot when I heat the heated bed.

    What is the problem and how can I fix it?

    enter image description here

    You seem to be asking about two separate issues (temperature swings *and* MOSFET overheating). Please ask only a single question per question.

  • For the overheating, you may need to turn the juice down a little on your Power Supply. Typically, there is a potentiometer inside that trims the voltage level coming from there. Some things can heat up if it's over-volting and needing to drop more voltage for the board.

    For the temperature reading stuff, make sure the thermistor is plugged in all way and not possibly dangling near the hot-end block. I have had that happen before and it will report improper temperatures as it goes along, and often results in the hot-end getting too hot and messing with the filament. If it's properly secured it might be just crappy or broken in some other way and you would need to replace it. It's reasonable practice to have a few extra thermistors lying around as having them go out at lousy times will bum you out.

    Thanks for accepting, but which of these things did it turn out to be?

    It turns up that the two problems came from over-volting... Apparently connecting the two sets of power supply of the RAMPS in a series (connecting the power supply to the 11A and connecting in a series the 11A to the 5A) was a bad idea and creating an overload on the board.

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