Removing pla from extruder

  • I read that the best way of removing ABS was to let the temperature at the hot end to drop to around 190deg c then a sharp pull. This worked really well. I am trying to print with PLA but no matter what temperature I drop the hot end to I get left with a length of PLA in the feeder tube. OK I can heat the hot end and poke the excess down with a wire but that is a pain. I think the technique is right but the temperature is wrong. Any help great fully appreciated.

    At what temp are you pulling? Btw this method is sometimes called the Atomic Pull.

  • Plodmore

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    5 years ago

    Looks like I had a gap between the hot end and the screwed rod. A gap filled with cool pla. A sort of washer for want of a better description. Will let you know if heating above temp is the answer

    Friendly reminder, I would edit you question when you a update, don't put it in the answer area. Personal experience :)

    Forgot to add that I am not sure for that, I don't have the experience... but maybe you can take it apar and clean it up real good, then a washer or something to close the gap. Heating it to 210*c will melt the pla, maybe you can brush it out with something?

    What is the `screwed rod`?

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