How to upload my works to Thingiverse without making my real name public

  • I want to upload some of my works to Thingiverse without making my real name public (displaying it on the profile page).

    I think it is OK to register my name to the site unless the make it public, and it is required by the terms to provide truthful and accurate information.

    I tried creating an account on the site, but I deleted it because I couldn't find the way to hide my name (set another one) from the profile page in a short time.

    I see some accounts that doesn't seem showing their real name (for example, their name on profile equals to their account ID, or at least not in two parts: first and last name as required on registration), so I guess this is archivable.


    How can I set my name for profile page on Thingiverse after registration and logging in?

    Maybe I should use YouMagine or, which don't seem asking my first & last name, to share my works.

  • Martin

    Martin Correct answer

    7 years ago

    To change your displayed name (as opposed to username) in Thingiverse:

    1. Go to your profile page

    2. Click "Edit Profile" on the info column on the left

    3. At the top, next to "Thingiverse Settings" is another link/tab called "Makerbot Settings". Click that.

    4. Change the First Name and Last Name fields, and save.

    Note that neither First nor Last Name is required; if neither is provided, your username will be displayed in place of your display name.

    Thanks, it worked! I thought making them blank is impossible because they said First & Last names are required on registration.

    I joined this community just to +1. It makes sense that Makebot would put this setting into a place that people least expect, since the company is not exactly integral to the community anymore.

    If editing, beware that true anonymity is achieved: your public profile will have been indexed by Google etc, and the case of Google can be revealed by "View Cached Page" in their search results.

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