Seemingly random lines on the surface

  • I'm getting seemingly random lines scattered across the top surface of my prints:


    Printer: Anycubic i3 mega

    Slicer: Cura 3.2.1

    Printer chosen in Cura: Prusa i3, Gcode flavor changed to RepRap

    Cura Profile: Fine, "Outer before inner walls" enabled

    What might be the reason?

    Try turning off "Combing Mode" in Cura. I had the same issue. I turned off combing mode and the issue was gone. I do not understand why. The tool tips seem to point me in the other direction. So my advice can only be to give it a try.

  • AndreKR

    AndreKR Correct answer

    4 years ago

    Thanks to the answers of fred_dot_u and Sean Houlihane, I did some more research.

    There are three features involved here:

    • Combing (follow the already printed path when travelling)

    • Retraction (pull back the filament while travelling)

    • Z-hop (move the nozzle up while travelling)

    The relationship between those settings is like this:

    • Retraction is only done when not combing*

    • Z-hop is only done when retracting

    Therefore to lift the nozzle when travelling, one must disable combing and enable retraction and z-hop. This prevents the nozzle from scratching the surface.

    * it was deemed unnecessary, but that might change in a future version; there is also a plugin that changes this

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