Configuring BLTouch with Marlin firmware

  • Has anyone configured BLTouch with Marlin firmware?

    I could only find videos about older firmware version. I followed this document. To avoid causing any damage to the printer, I removed all connections, took the board out and connected a stepper to Z-axis terminal and BLTouch to Z-min and servo 1. All other axes are not connected. X-min and Y-min end stops were shorted using jumper (Mine is NC configuration).

    After updating the firmware, I can move the X and Y steppers, but not Z stepper. There's a blue light glowing inside BLTouch, which turns off if I remove Servo connections.

    The M119 command shows all end stops are open.

    Do I have to change pull up settings of end stop?

    I cuurently have:

    • Marlin 1.1.6

    • BLTouch Classic

    Here's my configuration file

    enter image description here

    I connected jumper between Vcc and 5V, BL touch is powered up. Now it's the issue with firmware

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  • profesor79

    profesor79 Correct answer

    4 years ago

    For security reasons, you cannot move Z until home position is applied to X, Y and Z.

    With the level sensor attached, we need to home X and Y, and then Z will be homed in the middle of the bed (as configured). Execute G28 to home all axis and then you shall be able to run 'Z'.

    To test that, you can unplug just steppers (with power switched off to prevent damaging the stepper drivers) and move X and Y manually to home position, then just give a touch to the BL sensor (when servo/pin) is deployed to confirm home position.

    That was the issue. I didn't home X and Y. Before enabling BL touch feature in firmware, Safe homing function was disabled. I didn't know I have to home X and Y before Z. I didn't read comments in that section of firmware. Seems like it's working now. I can touch BLTouch during homing and it works as a limit switch. I used separate stepper for Z axis not the one in my printer to avoid accidental crashing

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