What are the specifications of the dual voltage controller of the Ender 3/CR-10?

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    Dave's answer states that both 12 V and 24 V can be used on the controller board. It also goes on to say that the controller board is used in both configurations in two different printers:

    • Ender 3 and;

    • CR-10

    I would like to know how this dual voltage operation works:

    • Does it use both voltages at the same time, or either one or the other?

    • Are there two different electrical inlets or are they the same?

    • Does it auto-detect or are there jumpers used to configure or are the components tolerant to both voltage levels?

    Also related:

    • What is the board used?

    • Is the board a proprietary design or a standard third party board?

    • Does anyone have any photos of the board and/or schematics?

  • Trish

    Trish Correct answer

    4 years ago

    I own the Ender 3, and it runs on 24V, as this photo of the power supply shows:
    Ender3 Power supply

    From power supply to the board, it uses a 2-wire line connected with a XT60 plug/jack that is common on RC cars:
    XT60 connector on Ender3

    The board itself is a proprietary design and labeled as "V1.1.2". The Voltage in is the lowest input on the left:
    Creality3D V1.1.2

    The Cooling fan (blue-yellow wire), the hotend cooling fan, heater cartridge (white shielded), bed heater (left black-red), board cooling fan (middle red-black) run (in this setup) on 24V. The Logic connectors (black-black & White-white) run 5V logic. I could not figure out the voltage of the stepper motors (upper row).

    I have not figured out how the power management circut works, but it achieves this:

    • Supply voltage $ U_S = 12V \lor 24V $

    • Logic Voltage $ U_L = 5V $

    • Sensor Voltage $ U_{sens} = U_L$

    • Hotend Cooling Fan $ U_{cool} = U_S$

    • Hotend Heating Cartridge $ U_{hot} = U_S $

    • Heatbed $ U_{bed} = U_S $

    The chip's caption can't be read on the photo, but it is labeled as "Δ ATMEL // ATMEGA1284P // AU 1726"

    For the pinout, a german maker did determine, that it the configuration of a Sanguino equipped with an Atmega1284P 16Bit works for compiling firmware and flashing via a bootloader.

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