Is there a table or list of tare weights of empty spools of various manufacturers?

  • It would be helpful to me if I knew in advance how much the empty filament spool weighs.

    Not having emptied any spool yet, I can't contribute data points, but has anyone compiled a list of empty weights from various manufacturers and sizes?

    (I post no answer just a alternative way) I got various spools from a single manufacturer, so the only solution for me was to not throw away empty spools that i don't have in my "collection". I assume you want to meassure the filament that is on your spools left. My experience: I measured 2 spools of the same type and they were 5 g off to each other. So 2 ways left: measure the spool at opening (be aware of the "bonus" of filament) and have a collection or a good table whit your real spools by your own.

    And BTW, if you are doing this to try to use every last bit of filament, my advice is **Don't** . A few meters' worth of filament costs almost nothing, and the hazard of running out mid-print is nasty. At the very least, if you're going this route, install an "out of filament" switch into your printer.

    I asked the question because when I open a fresh spool I am curious how close it is to 'what it says on the tin'. And to find out how much I got on a "transitional" or "imperfect" spool

  • Yes, there is a table on Reddit - Empty spool weights for estimating remaining filament which suggests that the norm (in 2015) was between 170 and 330 grams for a 1 kg spool, superficially in a bimodal distribution clustered around the high and low points. Presumably these were for 3 mm filament, this post dating to before the popularity of 1.75 mm...

    Manufacturer's have an incentive to reduce the mass of their spools, or even ship without spools, since the shipping cost will eat into their profit margin.

  • Following on from Sean's excellent answer, here is the (out of date) table in question:

    Empty spool weight table

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