Ender 3 nozzle homes off the bed in the Y axis

  • I just received my new Creality Ender 3. I was going through and checking/adjusting everything for alignment, and I noticed that when you "auto home" the print head, the nozzle stops off the front of the print bed by 5-10 mm.

    Is that normal?

    Is it perhaps by design to allow purging the nozzle without dumping on the bed?

    It doesn't appear that there is any way to adjust the Y stop switch without making modifications to it. It also didn't look like there was any easy way to move the bed either.

  • Trish

    Trish Correct answer

    4 years ago

    Yes, this is the "intended" behavior, as the home in relation to the physical limit position is not placed correctly about 7.5 mm into the bed in both X and Y.

    to correct this, please look at the Recalibrating Home-position for the Ender3

    Sorry I'm confused: it is "intended" that the nozzle homes off the bed? If so then why should it be "corrected"? From what I've read, every Ender 3 (including mine) homes off the bed, and some people say how to "fix" it while others say it is supposed to be that way (so presumably we should leave it that way...), so just trying to settle this for myself and others: is it intended and therefore we should leave it, or is it an error that we must all correct?

    @voxoid the Firmware says "This is the correct behavior". But if you use the full bed space for a print, you'll see everything will be shifted to the front-left, sometimes OFF the bed. the bad firmware setup **can** be corrected, but it is **not mandatory** for you'd lose for example the power-out protection. Also, thermal runaway protection is not on by default.

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