How to install a .hex firmware?

  • Creality does offer its firmware on as .hex files. These are pretty good as backups as one can't alter and destroy them by accident.

    But... How do you install them?!

    This is about installing firmware directly and without another microcontroller. To use another mictrocontroller is How to install new firmware via a Microcontroller?

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    Creality also does provide an installation PDF. The process they propose is twofold and might need different settings on other machines1. Spots where I assume you might need to adjust are noted withA. Note that this solution depends on CURA.

    1. Install the printer as a periphery machine.

    This part is specific for Windows. If you use Linux or a MAC, you will need to use a different setup, but you might get the same results.

    1. Turn on the power on the printer and connect it from the MircoUSB to a USB of the computer. This should automatically install the driver. If not, the Driver is on the SD card provided with the Printer2.

      • To manually install windows Key + "MANAGER" and choose Device manager. Find the serial port that shows yellow, Right-click, choose Update driver software > Browse my computer for driver software. Now Browse, find the location of USB driver on the SD card and click Next.

      • Generally,the serial port(COM) you need update has the biggest number, but can change.

      • A good idea is to confirm the correct port with a software like Repetier Host, with which you can control the printer directly - if it works, you got the drivers and the port correct. Also, you know the correct Baudrate.

    2. After the driver installation, launch CURA to do some settings. In File > Preferences:

      • Print Window is "Pronterface UI"A

    3. Switch to Machine > Machine Settings:

      • Serial Port: choose the one that just was updated

      • Baudrate: 115200A

    2. Upload the .hex file via cura

    1. Machine > Install custom Firmware

    2. Make sure the printer is connected, then OK

    3. find the .hex file on your PC, then confirm.

    4. Wait for the process to finish.

    1 - most likely, you will have to change the baudrate

    2 - This might not be true for all manufacturers, but is for creality. Other manufacturers might have different sources for these.

    A - Adjust as needed!

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