Export firmware as a .hex

  • Because .hex files can be installed without any need of an Arduino (serving as an ISP) to flash the firmware on Creality machines I was wondering, if firmware compiled via some other means (for example the Repetier firmware or Arduino) could be exported as a .hex file.

    You might want to mention that this is for the Ender-3 specific controller board, as there is no bootloader, as per TH3D Unified Firmware Package.

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    Current versions of Arduino IDE

    Use the menu option in the Arduino IDE:

    SketchExport Compiled Binary

    See post #6 from the thread How to get hex file from arduino files ?:

    Well, since it was bumped it's worth mentioning there is a new way to
    do this added in Arduino IDE 1.6.5:

    • Sketch > Export Compiled Binary

    • If you are doing this with an example then you will be prompted to save the sketch in another location.

    • Wait until the sketch has finished compiling.

    • Sketch > Show Sketch Folder

    • The .hex file will be in the sketch folder

    Here is a screenshot for OS X:

    Export compiled Binary menu option

    There is no need to fully compile, a simple verify will suffice. From post #10:

    Reopen Arduino, and open a sketch of your choice (use the Examples->Digital->Blink if you have no other sketches). Hit the Verify button to compile the sketch. Now, navigate to the build.path folder. You should see a bunch of files including one with a .hex extension.

    Older versions of Arduino IDE

    If using an older version of the Arduino IDE, from post #12:

    Try this if using an older version of Arduino

    Taking out HEX file from Arduino in 3 simple steps

    1. Open Arduino IDE

    2. FilePreferences menu

    Arduino IDE Preferences menu

    Arduino IDE Preferences dialog

    1. Find "Show verbose output during " and check the "compilation" box

    2. Locate the preferences.txt file and open it

    3. Add the following line (this is the path to the directory where the hexfile will be stored):


    4. Change the following line




    5. Quit the Arduino IDE and restart it.

    6. Now when you compile, the directory specified in build.path will contain the .hex file (along with other files which can be ignored)

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