Extruder feedrate when loading and unloading filament

  • I have an MKS Base 1.4 board with a TFT28 touch screen and a Titan Aero setup.

    When I use the load filament command from the touch screen the motor turns at a crazy speed to load filament, whereas if I plug in my laptop and use Repetier host and send a load command it turns at a normal speed.

    Is there a section in the Marlin firmware that allows me to set the actual extruding speed during load and unload?

    Please explain how you retract and unretract filament with Repetier Host. E.g. are you using the G10/G11 G-code commands?

  • Loading and unloading filament through the LCD options is taking care of by G-code command M600. The options used when executing the M600 command define where the head goes and how much filament is extruded of which extruder. Apparently, there is a difference in calling the M600 command via the LCD menu or (un)loading filament through the Repetier application.

    The Firmware-based and LCD-controlled retract options are defined in Marlin Firmware file Configuration_adv.cfg (Advanced Pause). The settings for Repetier are probably differently defined than in the advanced configuration file; you should look them up in Repetier. It could well be that separate G-codes (or scripts) are used for this. E.g. G10 is used to retract filament as set by M207 (both length and feed rate!). G-code G11 does the opposite, it unretracts the filament as specified by M208.

    To answer your question, yes, you need to alter the values of the constants in Configuration_adv.h for changing the speed when using the LCD to change the filament:

    // (mm/s) Unload filament feedrate. This can be pretty fast.
    // (mm/s) Load filament feedrate. This can be pretty fast.

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