(Cura setting) How can I fix this? No top layer

  • problem solved by resetting cura.

    I have problems like this: How can I fix this? I can't find the right setting.

    No top layer

    Also, what are these yellow lines? Do you know how to remove them? They disappear when I disable to show the brim/raft/skirt.

    Yellow lines #1

    Yellow lines #2

    Number of top layers set to zero?

    I cant modify that setting.. when I tick the box in cura settings, it doesnt appear on the right side. The problem occurs on many different prints so it has to be the software.

    I would suggest that you reinstall Cura. You must be able to configure the number of top and bottom layers.

    Hi Donald, please could you post your answer (that a Cura reset was required (assuming that was the solution)) as an actual answer and marked *that* answer (and not Fernando's) as the accepted solution (using the tick button) and *not* in the question, as it breaks the Q&A format of Stack Exchange and will be confusing for other users of the site who come here looking for a solution.. Thank you.

  • This problem appears when a face is inverted, so the slicer confuses and expect the other wall to close the object. So you need to reverse that face to show the face out and the back face inside the shape to be filled

    enter image description here

    I will edit this answer with more examples

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