Clamps / clips for glass on heatbed

  • I'm looking for clamps to fix the glass on my heatbed. After some search I found that some people use clamps printed of PLA. Can I use PLA clamps for a heated heatbed (~60 °C)?

    I also tried foldback clips but they block my nozzle. The Anet A8 starts in the front left corner. When I start to print, the nozzle moves a little bit up on z, then up on y and right on x. At this first move it moves into the fold back clip. I'm looking for a way to fix the corners and not to fix the edge in the middle.

    What other clamps or clips can I use to fix the glass (~3 mm) on the heatbed (~2.5 mm)? I don't want to use glue.

    My printer is an Anet A8.

  • 0scar

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    4 years ago

    How about the Ultimaker clips? Ultimaker uses 2 mm heat bed and 4 mm glass, that should be within reach by bending the clips a bit. They have quite a low profile/footprint.

    enter image description hereenter image description hereenter image description here

    These clamps are very cheap and can be found on those typical auction or Chinese sites.

    Alternatively, you can also tape the glass to the aluminium bed using kapton tape if you are concerned about hitting the binder clips.

    Note that e.g. in Marlin firmware, you can define a Z-offset to prevent hitting the binder clips on movement.

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