Bowden tube clog

  • There's PLA filament clogged in my bowden tube, is there a best practice for cleaning it out or do I need to replace the whole tube? Also the couplings are totally stuck :S - so I guess those would need replacement too or are there ways to get stuck couplings off?

    Video here

    I use a pipe cutter and cut the last quarter inch off - what I want to know is why it happens in the first place

  • As a short-term fix, grab a twist drill bit that is on the order of 1.5 mm diameter (assuming a 1.75 mm tube). Using a hand drill, slowly and gently drill out the clogged filament. Obviously you want to try to avoid scarring the teflon lining, so better to use the thinnest drill that will work.

    With a little training and a little luck, you'll get the clog cleared. I would recommend removing the nozzle first so that the chips don't fall into the nozzle.

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