slic3r: Can I vary the infill percentage for different heights of my model?

  • How can I vary the infill percentage for different layer heights of my model?

    Context: The bottom part of my model needs about 20% infill. The geometry of the top part of the model (mostly cones of various sizes) prints well with 0% infill and is of course a lot faster to print if I can specify this.

    Possible duplicate of Different infill in the same part. Slic3r uses a similar technique as described in the accepted answer, terminology is different. I'll update the referenced topic answer to include Slic3r.

    @SeanHoulihane, no that does not work (not in this case), as this works the other way around, it increases infill percentage to the top, instead of lowering it. It would be unwise to print cones up side down, but in that case you are right. Therefore you need to rely on an additional mesh/volume to modify the infill settings using "per model settings", and thus it is a similar question but differently formulated in my opinion. Whether it is a duplicate or not, the community decides.

    I have updated the answer of Different infill in the same part to include Slic3r. In effect if works similar as it does in Ultimaker Cura.

  • Let's assume the model is 75mm high; the bottom portion (which needs 20% infill) is 40mm, and the top portion (which needs 0% infill) is 35mm.

    • Load your model into Slic3r.

    • Be sure your default fill is 20%.

    • Right click on the model, and select Settings.

    • Click "Load Generic".

    • Select Slab. This represents a cube which is the same X,Y dimensions of your model.

    • Specify H=35 (the height of the slab) and Initial Z=40 (where the base of slab starts).

    • This creates a new part for your object. Select it and click "+" to add a new setting.

    • Select Infill/Fill Density and set it to 0%.

    As a result of this, the bottom part of your model (which is not enclosed in the slab) will print at the default fill setting of 20%, and the top part of your model (which is enclosed in the slab) will print with 0% fill.

    You can verify this by slicing and looking at the preview. You will see the base with your default infill, and the top with no infill. The slic3r docs mentions several other ways to customize parameters for your model.

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