Does the Ender 3 need an 8 pin mini USB or 5 pin, or no difference?

  • I've been searching for a reassuring answer for a week now. What type of mini USB does the Creality Ender 3 need? I have studied about them and five pin seems to be the answer but I haven't found a reassuring answer.

    If anyone knows the answer would you please inform me?

  • Trish

    Trish Correct answer

    4 years ago

    The ender 3 follows the USB standard for a USB-2.0/2.0 revised 5 pin USB-Mini-B.

    To prove, a picture of it. Left, you can clearly count the 5 pins that conform to the standard.

    Ender-3 front

    as a side note: There is no 8 pin USB-Mini - Mini has the T-shape. In fact, there is not even a USB standard conform plug that has 8-pins! The standard allows only 4, 5, 9, 11 and 24 pins

    At any rate, USB standards (except for USB-C) are hardware backward compatible. Even if the Ender 3 had a connector with >5 pins, as long as it is USB, the smaller connector would still work.

    yes @ifconfig but there is no 8-pin USB Mini that fits into that socket.

    @Trish thanks! You answered several of my questions in one go! And thanks for taking the time to add the picture. It both helped and added to my knowledge! Kudos!

    @ifconfig thank you very much for the extra info. That is one good piece of information! Kudos!

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