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  • I'm 3D printing almost 2 years, and I expected to have better result after changing to complete smooth rods with new bearings.

    I have a problem with my Z axis giving me inconsistent prints; I already replaced the leadscrews, E3D clone with Bowden tube, I decided to replace all smooth rods on all axis and also the bearings. After I replaced all this, my prints are still bad, also I'm very dissapointed with the results after the replacements. I have checked all I could think of; PID tuning, belts, ....) but I'm running out of ideas.

    inconsistent print layer results

    Printing settings:

    • print speed is 40mm/s,

    • retraction is 3mm at 30mm/s,

    • extruder 205°C for the first layer, then 200°C

    There is nothing wrong with your Z axis, your X / Y have probably some play or backlash somewhere in the system.

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    Would you mind to try to explain your problem and attempted solutions till now more? I have problems understanding your problem.

  • Solby89

    Solby89 Correct answer

    4 years ago

    Yesterday I tried some improvements, first I replaced the Y belt pulley, and aligned the frame which I thought to be non-perpendicular and removed the spool holder (which was the culprit of my problem) Attached photo shows a print after these improvements. I have insulation on my hotend.

    I think this is the quality I could expect from this cheap printer. Maybe I could reprint X axis gantry, but I'm a little tired of doing something on my printer.

    Print after removing spool holder

    Update on my prints

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    I see some elephant foot, but i will fix this by lift nozzle a bit, but is there some more improvements (temp, retraction, z-hop, coasting, ....) ?

    Did you have a spool holder on top of your frame? Than it was vibration (as I mentioned in my answer) induced by spool/carriage interaction that caused the problem. Print looks fine now! Glad to hear it is fixed! I have updated my answer to make it more complete.

    Spool is not on the frame, it's on the wall, but i think i have to make some improvements for spool holder

    Print look very good now. To understand what was causing this, I would guess that you had some friction on the wall spool?

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