Flashforge Adventurer 3 Filament feeder loud thumping noise, not enough filament extruded

  • My Flashforge Adventurer 3 is not printing properly. Filament feeder makes repetitive loud thumping noise and not enough filament is extruded. Resulting print (if completed) is not solid.

    Results vary with filament. Flashforge brand (red) PLA works best. Any other filament fails completely unless I print at High quality, with head temperature at 235 degrees. Nozzle has been un-clogged repeatedly, but right from the start, when feeding filament in, it does not flow through properly.

    I had used the included tool to clear blockages in the extruder several times before now, but after posting this question I tried again. Ordinary use of the tool made no difference. So I applied more force, and, pushed filament through by hand directly into the extruder and used a pin to try to clear the extruder. It now appears to be working adequately Not perfectly. I am able to print with default settings. It still thumps -or ticks- a bit. I am alarmed at the amount of force I had to use to clear the extruder blockage.

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    Wait, you print PLA at 235°C?! That is ridiculously high for PLA.

    Had same issue, did a color transfer with same reel but cut off the filament that was in the printer, worked fine after that.

  • Advice from another source suggested thoroughly cleaning the feed gear on the bowden extruder. When I looked closely there were plastic flakes all over the mechanism. I used compressed air and a brush to clean it.
    I also discovered expert mode in the FlashPrint software, which enabled me to slow down the speed at which fill is laid down.
    Now I have good printing results with any filament.

    I have continued to have problems with PLA. For most of the last year I printed using ABS with no similar problems. I guess that PLA is simply rougher, scratchier than ABS and catches in the tube. I found a comment that putting olive oil on the filament fixes it. I used Vaseline. Things were fine for a while, but a retailer said this would lead to other problems.

    So far, no permanent answer to this question.

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    @0skar Thanks, but in fact my answer to my own question turns out not to be complete. I have since worked out that PLA filament is rougher than ABS and seems to catch in the tube. I have printed with ABS with no similar problems for most of the last year. I found some advice suggesting to put olive oil on the filament. I did not do this, but I did use a bit of vaseline. I was then advised this was not a proper way to deal with the issue. So the question doesn't have a suitable resolution. However, I will close the question.

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