Temperature Tower came out too good

  • I've switched to a PLA of a different color and wanted to figure out what temperature my nozzle should be so I printed a temperature tower. However, the towers came out perfect and the only stringing was from the last bit of plastic oozing out when the print head moved to X-home.

    I loaded the tower stl file in Ultimaker Cura and did the post processing script to change the temperature from 240 °C at layer 1 (changing from 200 for the skirt). And decreasing the temp by 10 degrees every segment after. Here is the resulting print vs the expected print:
    Actual Temperature TowerExpected Temperature Tower

    I was expecting an over-extruded, blobby mess and stringing to make a spider feel at home towards the bottom, but this is one of my best prints yet.

    I watched the print in its entirety and the printer was set to the respective temperatures and the nozzle reached them, as confirmed by OctoPrint:
    OctoPrint Temp Graph

    And the G-Code does have post processing scripts generated by Ultimaker Cura:

    Any ideas why my print looks so good? I'm printing PLA at various nozzle temps, 60 °C on bed with the Creality CR-10S sliced with Ulitmaker Cura 3.6.0.

    Shouldn't there be bridges between the two columns at each level?

    Not in this particular model. However uploaded images of the print show that globbing doesn't necessitate the bridges. I'll see if I find an image.

    Added an image showing what I was expecting from the maker of the model.

    Your material works well at a larger temperature range than expected. What was the problem?

    I'm under the impression that 220 °C is extremely high for PLA let alone 240 °C. Have a hit the lottery with this filament then?

    Temperature is not the only thing that affects stringing, so perhaps your mix of slicer setting (retraction, wipe, not traversing over outlines, etc) are perfect.

    Try changing the fan speed and do another one: maybe you can improve the quality at high temperature. Below 220 you won't get optimal layer strength.

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