How to log more than 300 lines of the OctoPrint terminal?

  • Is there a way to view more than the last 300 lines in the terminal tab on OctoPrint? Or is there a txt file of a log? Or even a setting/plugin that does either?

    I keep finding my prints pausing as if I said to change the filament even though that wasn't set in the slicer, but I catch it long after the 300th line in the terminal so I can't see what OctoPrint is trying to do.

  • Serial logging has to be enabled. Warning: This will impact the performance of OctoPrint. Enabling this feature can be done under Settings -> Serial Connection -> Serial Logging and checking the box for "Log communication to serial.log.
    OctoPrint Settings

    One can download the log under Settings -> Logging and finding serial.log in the list of log files.

    The file can also be found in the following directories (according to this FAQ)

    All log files that OctoPrint writes can be found in the logs sub folder in its configuration directory:

    • on Linux: ~/.octoprint/logs

    • on Windows: %APPDATA%\OctoPrint\logs

    • on MacOSX: ~/Library/Application Support/OctoPrint/logs

    While I was editing the answer to include the serial logging to later see that you also found the answer yourself, very good that you also posted an answer, we need multiple answers if possible! Hope this helps you out debugging your problem, good luck! +1

    @0scar your answer sparked something and I was finally able to google the right phrase. I have it enabled now so time will tell...

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