Quasars and Gamma Ray Bursts

  • Has there been any study to suggest that either quasars of gamma ray bursts are more detectable from further distances in the universe?

    I've read that quasars are the most powerful energy in the universe but gamma ray bursts are detectable from further distances. Logically one would think that if some entity's energy were detectable from further distances than another entity's energy, then it'd be the entity with more energy than the other.

    I'm just looking to see if anyone has any definitive study references that suggest why either quasar or gamma ray bursts have more energy than the other and to explain why if true the one with less energy is visible from further distances than the one with more energy.

    I'm not really an astrophysicist type guy but I do some reading and watch different scientific shows that interest my since a lot is still unknown, so I'm hopeful someone here more familiar with this can answer or clarify this for me or give me some references to anything that gives clue to any of this.

    I apologize for not having direct reference to any readings I've read that bring about this question in my mind but I know I read something that said gamma ray burst are detectable from further distances than any other energy entity and I've also read quasars are the most powerful energy sources in the universe, so I'm just looking for some clarify on this topic whether right or wrong with anything further you can provide.

  • James K

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    7 years ago

    I think you may be mixing up "Energy" and "Power" a little here. Power is the rate of Energy output per time. If Power is the speed, then Energy is the distance travelled.

    Quasars look like stars, from Earth, they give out a light, and while they do vary a little (or a lot) you would not expect to see new ones forming or existing ones fading away.

    Gamma Ray Bursts are a short lived. While a quasar will emit more energy over it's long life. Gamma Ray Bursts are more powerful. They are formed mostly as a result of energy released in gravitational collapse during a hypernova. Moreover this energy is released in a narrow beam.

    Imagine comparing a laser beam with a equivalent power light bulb. If the laser is pointing right at you, it appears much brighter than the bulb.

    So the answers:

    • GRB are more powerful than quasars, but only last a short time.

    • GRB are form a beam of radiation.

    • So if a GRB and a quasar are equally distant, the GRB would appear brighter.

    Great explanation, I appreciate the clarification!!

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