What would the night sky look like if the Milky Way were the only galaxy in the universe?

  • I'm curious to know what the sky would look like without any other galaxies out there. How much do other galaxies factor into the stars we see? Does the Milky Way account for most of them? Would the night sky look normal? Or would it be very empty?

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    6 years ago

    I feel sure this is a repeat, but couldn't immediately find it. The only things in the night sky we can see (with the naked eye) that are not part of our own Galaxy are (on a good night) the Andromeda galaxy and the Large and small Magellanic clouds. Every individual star brighter than $V=6$ and visible to the naked eye is in the Milky Way.

    So it would hardly look any different.

    Isn't Triangulum (M33) included in the list of naked-eye visible galaxies?

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