the most accurate system that can show the positions of planets at my birthday

  • My birthday : 4 December 1982

    If you have such astronomical calculator on your computer please send me the result !

    Alternatively if you know an online astronomical service for my purpose please link it here ?

    I am so curious to discover geometrical proportions between distance and angle of planets at that date ...

    I use a simulator called Stellarium for MacOS that I've found to be extremely reliable. Not sure what other platforms it's available on. What system do you use?

    windows , then may you calculate the date that i mentioned on your Stellarium and show me the result ?

    Personally I would not be inclined to help anyone with what looks like an astrological enquiry.

    Stellarium is available on all OS's.

    Though we as a community have decided to allow *some* resource requests because of their utility to Astronomy, this question does not seem to have much future utility. For this reason, I am closing it as "too broad" as a normal resource request might.

  • Dieudonné

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    9 years ago

    The most accurate system is the ephemeris service from Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL):

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