Why don't we feel the speed of earth moving

  • When we move our vehicle, we "feel" the speed of it. However, when stationary, we still are moving,but moving by quiet a speed. We know that earth moves with X speed, our own solar system moves at Y speed. etc.

    Why do we not feel this speed? Even sitting at my home, my mind must be gyrating at an incredible speed.

    That's not speed you're feeling.

    You never feel the velocity. You only feel the acceleration. It's Newton's 1st law.

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    8 years ago

    In a car, you have a perception of speed because of (a) the "wind" passing by as you rush through the air which is not moving at the same speed as the vehicle, and (b) you perceive the stationary objects nearby as "moving" off into the distance behind.

    As the earth moves in its orbit, you don't notice any "wind" from the planet rushing through space, as the atmosphere of the earth is moving along with the planet. There isn't any substance to the space around the planet to create an impression of "wind". The car is surrounded by air, so when you move through the air, you have an impression of moving because of the air rushing past. Because the planet isn't moving through an especially gaseous medium, there is no impression of movement, no "wind".

    Also when it comes to our planet, there is nothing "nearby" to create a reference point that would make it appear as if we are moving relative to that reference. Even the closest of objects, such as the moon, are sufficiently far off that the only obvious impression is that these move and we are still. Hence the reason why the geocentric view of our world was dominant for so long.

    Even sitting still at home, your entire body is moving at the same velocity as the rest of the planet, so your brain isn't being jostled or 'gyrated' at all. If someone shook you, then your velocity would be changing and your body would feel the effects of acceleration, and then you would be jostled and gyrated. But that is because you are perceiving sudden and rapid changes in velocity, accelerations.

    Also, the moon is moving (on average) at the same velocity as the earth, which is (on average) the same velocity as the sun.

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