Can this picture of the moon directly above the sun from the horizon be real?

  • I recently saw this image, but somebody told me that it is fake, possibly photoshopped. The moon and the sun appear to be on the same perpendicular from the horizon. Is there any way to tell if this shot was actually captured?

    Image of the sun near the horizon with the moon above it

    Could be a double exposure taken roughly 12 hrs apart, timed to when the Sun and Moon are each framed by the two trees, but it's just speculation.

    This would only be possible if the Moon were very far *behind* the Sun. And several times larger than it.

  • Dr Chuck

    Dr Chuck Correct answer

    5 years ago

    No, it's not real. Given that the moon appears to be nearly full, it would be near to the horizon opposite the sun, which is clearly not the case. Also the framing of the sun and moon between the trees means that the sun and moon are on the same side of the trees, which is not possible when the moon is full.

    It could, however, be a double exposure like @Anthony said above. So both the sun and the moon could have been in those positions, just 12 or so hours apart.

    I don't get your argument about 'the same side of the trees'. If taken near equator, this is absolutely possible.

    @Orace For the moon to be full it has to be opposite the sun. If the sun and moon are in line, or nearly so, as in the picture, then the moon would be new as the sun is behind it. So it isn't possible for this picture to be real.

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