How does the Moon's gravity affect Earth's oceans despite Earth's stronger gravitational pull?

  • Given that Earth has a much stronger gravitational pull than the Moon, how does the Moon have any influence on Earth's oceans?

    To the downvoters: Just because a question appears to be naive does not mean that the question is bad and is worthy of a downvote.

    I guess the downvotes are because this question shows no attempt to find an answer to this problem.

    Sorry. I'm new here and I guess I thought that a question was a legitimate way of finding an answer.

    Welcome, Steve. What JiK is getting at is that on Stack Exchange sites people are expected to do some prior research before posting a question, as explained in [ask]. So it's legitimate to downvote questions which show no prior research.

    Given that you earn a salary from your job, how does the Christmas cheque from your great aunt have any affect on your bank balance?

  • Everything in the universe has a gravitational influence on everything else in the universe. It isn't a question of the strongest gravitational pull winning out and all the others doing nothing.

    The Earth is the strongest pull on the oceans, but the Moon and the Sun both have easily measurable effect in addition to the Earth's. Other bodies (Venus, Jupiter, a small asteroid in another galaxy,....) all have much smaller effects which will be hard or impossible to detect amidst the noise due to waves and so on.

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