At what time of year can I buy a bicycle for the best price?

  • Is there a month when new models come out and dealers discount stock like with cars? Do they raise prices in the spring and lower them in the winter?

    (Just out of curiosity, why hasn't this thread met the same fate as the best bike for losing weight thread?)

    @DanielRHicks, that other question is nine questions combined together, but this question is useful and answerable. What might be objectionable with this one?

  • According to lifehacker end of January or February:

    alt text


    Bicycles and outdoor gear
    "If you want the newest stuff, the time to look is in February and March, when the season's models come out. The stores start replacing fall and winter stuff with spring and summer models, and that's true for most all outdoor gear from shoes to bikes, hiking gear, everything," says Dennis Lewon, senior editor for Outside magazine.
    Some companies will send out special holiday items that will land in the discount section after the season. "In general, most of the new products come to stores in February," Lewon says. "January is good for looking for the old models in the classic post-holiday shopping period."

    I'd add that if you DON'T want the newest stuff, it's the best time as well. These guys want to get rid of the older models so they can have new stuff all over the place. It should be pretty easy to bargain some excellent deals at this time of the year.

    Last years models are definitely a good time to get a bargain. To tell the truth if you ask at your local bike shop they will probably tell you when to buy. Assuming they are nice people anyway, I had a local bikeshop explain a lot of the economics from their point of view so that I could take advantage of them. Of course that meant I spent plenty of money with them, just in an effective way :D

    Where do you expect this to apply? This sounds like a Northern-hemisphere specific answer.

    Here's the updated article for 2012: The bicycle months have changed to January and September.

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