How to clean up at work after a commute?

  • I would like to bicycle commute to work, but we don't have showers or any place I can change. How can I clean up and carry clothing? My office is business casual, but I need to look neat and presentable.

    Community wiki, there will likely be many answers. This is also a test question to see if non-riding but related activities are in-scope on this site.

    The Eagle Creek packing folders are great for carrying shirts and keeping them wrinkle free.

    Cleanliness is for the weak.

    I've been commuting 30 km on a recumbent the last month. I still get hot and sweat, but at the destination I don't get that hot-flush on stopping. On the bent I don't need to drink water, but on an upright bike I'll drink several times. That shows the difference in effort for similar speeds.

    @Criggie Do you have Ventisit or similar pads? I've thought about getting a piece to replace the ass piece of my seat which is made from foam and makes that part of my usual cotton trousers visibly sweaty if I go too fast. The rest of the seat is taught mesh already, that's great.

    @Nobody sounds like a good new question there.

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    My commute was fairly short, so my major burden was the rain. For this I invested in rain proof panniers & waterproof jacket & over-trousers. I had both a summer & winter jacket to make sure I didn't arrive in too hot during summer. I didn't have overshoes, so kept spare socks/shoes at office. I cycled at leisurely pace on way there to avoid building up too much of a sweat. I'd let rip on the way home to make up for that.

    I had a colleague who cycled in from further afield, and wore the spandex gear. He just discretely got changed in the toilets when he arrived. It was never an issue (odour wise) - I guess he went with the babywipes & deodorant.

    Our dress code was pretty casual. If you need to be smart, just bring your freshly ironed office clothes in a pannier. See if you can get a suction bag to prevent them from flopping all over the place enroute.

    One trick to try with ironed shirts is to roll them up - reduces the amount of wrinkles when unpacked at the office.

    Plus one for rolling shirts and pants, and try to get wrinkle resistant clothing

    It's odd that this is the accepted answer, and is voted so high, when it gives (a) a story about not having to clean up, and (b) a story that only speculates about what someone did.

    Another +1 for rolling up, and also check out "bundle wrapping":

    Regarding the odor; sweat only begins to smell after some time. If you arrive, give yourself 10-15 minutes to cool down, and then promptly change you'll avoid the "gym-shorts" smell entirely. No need for wipes or even extra deodorant (although it's not a bad idea to keep on hand). The real key is changing out of sweaty clothes after cooling off for a few minutes.

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