Do glueless tube patches work as well as glue ones?

  • Quite a few years ago I tried some glueless patches for repairing my punctured tubes while out on the road, and found that they rarely stayed on for very long. I know that technology has advanced a lot since then, and I am wondering if I should now try them again? Do they work?

    Like others have said, they are only to get you home. Then replace it with a permanent patch.

    I use em to patch holes in my soft-leather moccasins, which I never wear unless the weather is dry, but I wouldn't use 'em on my bikes 'cause they don't hold for very long.

    It's a temporary patch to get you home.

  • Geoff

    Geoff Correct answer

    11 years ago

    They work ok - if you are just riding around town, they would probably be fine. If you are on a ride out in the middle of nowhere, I wouldn't count on these. The ones with glue work significantly better, to the point where I wouldn't buy the glue-less ones.

    I've used glueless patches on my road bike (racing type bike) and my mtb (that I also use for occasional downhill at the local parks) and never had any issues. What kind of problems did you have?

    When I had used the glueless patches, the patches had slipped off a few times. While it wasn't the majority of the time, it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable riding with them as my primary tube when I would ride pretty isolated trails. I'm not saying they don't work, just they aren't as reliable.

    I don't understand how the patches can slip. The pressure of the tube against the inside of the tire should keep it firmly pressed on. I've also never had problems with glueless patches, FWIW.

    Perhaps there are better and worse brands of glueless patches. (by the way I do not trust them, too)

    Sustained heat, such as from leaving a bike in a bike rack in the summer, can cause the glue on clueless patches to come loose. I wish I could get rid of my leftovers, but I don't have any enemies.

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